Things You Should Never Put Down The Toilet

Your ordinary toilet can get rid of a lot of natural waste-and toilet paper-but it isn’t designed to handle other things. The best way to boost the longevity of your toilets and prevent annoying domestic plumbing issues (plus plenty of extra plunger time) is to keep all other waste materials and trash away from your toilets. Take a look at the most detrimental things to go down a toilet: Quite possibly it’s time for some new rules around your home.

Paper Towels and Tissues

Items to Not FlushWhile they may seem a little like toilet paper, they aren’t. The materials used to make tissues, paper towels and similar products do not break down easily and are far more likely to block your toilet, as well as cause problems for your sewage tank or at your water treatment facility.

Feline Litter

Even if your cat litter says that it is “flushable,” do not flush it. All kitty litter is harmful to your toilet. It remains in your pipes, won’t break down easily and interacts badly with your sewer system. If the temptation to use the toilet is too much for a family member in charge of cleaning litter, then put a container of disposable plastic bags or similar poop-scooping solutions by the litter box so that it’s less of an issue.

Throw-away Diapers

Disposable Diapers-dont flushYes, disposable diapers have a tendency to get covered in waste. Regrettably, toilets weren’t designed for any type of disposable diaper: Seeking to flush these diapers is an amazingly common cause of serious pipe clogs that need professional attention. Avoid this problem, and offer another choice for working with diapers.


As the toilet is often a useful choice to get rid of tampons and other feminine hygiene products, it’s also a bad idea. Tampons could easily create clogs deep in pipes and should never be flushed.


Condoms are another case where convenience ought not to trump toilet care. Toss them in the trash instead of flushing: Both condom materials (typically latex) and associated lubricants are bad for your domestic plumbing.

Anthing Made of Cotton

This includes cotton swabs, cotton balls, Q-tips, and various other associated products. Cotton is excellent at absorbing water, but it doesn’t breakdown easily. The combination is a horrible one for your domestic plumbing.

Anything Made Of Plasic

No matter whether it’s packaging plastic or a Band-Aid, you can not flush plastics down a toilet. Plastic will not break down and can cause many complications in your pipes-if they get that far from a toilet flush.

Dental Floss

Yes, even small stuff like teeth floss can cause trouble for your toilet. It’s stringy, does not break up and can bunch around other items to make much larger clogs.


Any kind of food is off limits, no matter how smooth it might be. The same will additionally apply to any leftover portions, shells, bone tissues or grounds that you would like to eliminate. These belong in none of your piping or your garbage disposal. Toss them in the garbage or compost.

Chewing Gum

Water does nothing at all to remove gum, therefore it will stick around-literally. You do not need it in your plumbing! (It ought to be virtually unlawful to flush gum down your toilet.


Hair-Problems For Your ToiletIf you’re collecting hairballs from your sink or tub, don’t get rid of them in the toilet: That’s just moving the blockage from one part of your domestic plumbing to another. Chuck it away instead.


Television makes flushing pills look dramatic and effective, but it’s a terrible idea. When you have pills beyond expiration or simply no longer want them in your own home, find an area medication take-back program or smash them up and toss them away on garbage day. In any other case, those powerful chemicals are certain to get into sewer systems and even groundwater, where they can do untold harm.